Story Of The Week


Armed with a better understanding of micro and macro economics, we can now look back to comprehend the decisions for the economic development and reforms taken throughout last year. We suggest you to watch this exhilarating interview (of about an year ago) of RBI Governor RaghuRam Rajan.
We hope, by this to aid the students’ class learnings better.
Please watch the interview by clicking on the following link: Economics@Econimi
The Highlights of the video are:-
Reasons for economic slowdown, Inflation targets, Wage Inflation, Reasons for pessimism about India, Gold Imports.
  • In The long run WE All WILL BE ALIVE….
  • Inflations in not an unmitigated Evil
  • Give a Patient that medicine that he can survive 
  • As Central banker you should never say never

We hope it was a good contribution to your continuous learning process.


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