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Britain’s Next Prime Minister: Auditions Open!

‘Can the next occupant of Theresa May’s shoes, resolve the long running impasse over Brexit?’


As many as 12 candidates have filed for their candidacy since Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May decided to step down as the leader of the conservative party and consequently as the Prime Minister. Whoever succeeds May, will be held responsible to steer up the impasse over the decision to execute BREXIT.

Winning over their Tory colleagues (Conservatory Party) as well as the party membership will be the first and foremost challenge for these candidates. In the initial phase of the contest, candidates need to win over the confidence of 313 conservative members of the Parliament, who will be responsible to slice down the list to two. The run of for the final phase will be decided via a postal ballot conducted by the party’s estimated 124000 dues-paying members.


Here is a cheat sheet of the top two contenders of the Tory Leadership Contest



Who is he: Britain’s former gaffe-prone foreign secretary, Johnson resigned last year in protest of May’s Brexit deal. Before that, he was in charge of the mayor of London.


What the world thinks of him as the Foreign Secretary: BuzzFeed News conducted several interviews with seven top official diplomats of The US, Europe, and others to interrogate about Johnson’s time in the office. All of these officials had the first-hand experience of dealing with Boris.

They said that he frequently fell short of the demands of the office by being “woefully” under-prepared on important briefs, not knowing basic details, and making crucial mistakes.

 Why does he want to run: The 54-year-old is said to have aspired to be a ‘World King’ as a child. Expected to seek the position back in 2016, Johnson lost to May as one of his key allies Michael Gove, Britain’s environmental secretary withdrew his support to launch his untimely, unsuccessful campaign. Now Boris fancies himself as Britain’s last hope who can execute Brexit and that too by the end of October.

Who supports him:

  • More than twenty-four MPs including arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mog and his brother Jo Johnson are avid supporters of Boris.
  • Recently, current United States President Donald Trump expressed his support for Johnson as the potential candidate. “I think Boris would do a very good job,” the President told The Sun. “I think he would be excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                      bojo4

What was his vote in the 2016 Referendum: He was one of the most prominent figures of the ‘Leave EU Campaign’. Boris also faced serious allegations over his claim that Britain sends 470 Million Dollars each week to Brussels as a member of EU (The figure, though has been debunked since then)


Who is heRaab is the former Brexit secretary and second in line to protest over May’s Brexit deal.

Why does he want to run:

  • “Optimism and Change” and “Fairer Britain” are the few attention-grabbing agendas that Raab claims, he is fighting for.
  • He pledges to go back to Brussels and renegotiate May’s Brexit deal.
  • He claims to take Britain out of EU by the end of October, without a deal

Who supports him:

  • Around twenty-two, Conservative Member of Parliament including David Davis (predecessor Brexit secretary) supports him in his hunt.
  • However, Tory ‘Moderates’ who consider Raab as “More right wing in education than Thatcher”, are seeking to block the hardliner’s (Raab) path to mandate.

What was his vote in 2016 Referendum: Just like Johnson, Raab also vouched FOR Brexit, also his agenda for the upcoming election campaign.



Other candidates like Pakistan origin, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid and former chief whip Mark Harper are also part of the race, however, Boris Johnson has long been bookmaker’s favorite in Tory’s list to replace May. Despite falling behind some of his rivals in the month of March, Johnson’s stars have since been on a rising spree, especially after prized endorsements from the United States President, Mr. Donald Trump.










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